Greetings. Welcome to HeartBeats Muzic Recordings LLC.
We are a music production company located in Atlanta, Georgia USA.  HeartBeats muzic Recordings was founded in 2010 by music producer/composer/audio engineer Mansa Heartbeats.  

The goal for our company is the pursuit of music excellence and to provide our customers and their audience the best musical experience.  Music is our universal language that has no boundaries or rules, it is is purely emotion. 

We are proficient and good at creating beautiful and uplifting musical composition, that can be utilize for songwriting, film, tv, pop music, rhythm and blues, and hip hop.  

We would be honor to be part of your next musical venture, feel free to contact us.

From our heart to yours,

Mansa Heartbeats


                                                                            Atlanta, Georgia 
                                                                            (404) 573-8619

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